Our Service is never an Afterthought - its Our Only Thought.

Make Superior Car Care Venice Your First Choice For A Great Auto Detailing, or Paint Repair Work.

The Fine Art of Auto Detailing, Paint and Body Work
Superior Car Care has been serving Venice CA since 1990.

We are your local Venice Car Care Experts, If you are a Car Guy or Gal, you will love our services!
Our Process is Simply:  Common Sense, 30 years of knowledge, an Open Mind, and the Very Best Tools of the Trade.

Our Standard is Our Guarantee

Pick up and drop off Service 

Car Care means " We Care for your Car "

Tesla Motors of Los Angeles
Official Auto Detailer Since 2008

Services We Recommended Include:

  • Full Detail 
  • Basic Detail
  • Interior or Exterior Detail
  • Monthly Service Plans
  • Weekly Pick up and Drop off
  • Paint Correction
  • Paint Over-Spray Removal
  • Custom Work
  • Paint Protection
  • Vehicle Inspection before you buy a used car.
  • Auto Body and Paint
  • Rim and Wheel Repair, Change Color
  • Classic Car Restoration 
  • Lease Returns, Selling an Automobile
  • We Accept All Insurance Work
  • "We can do anything Automotive"
  • "Prices depend on Size and Condition of the Vehicle".

Why Choose Superior Car Care Venice?
How About Our High Standards.

  • Car Care is our only Business.
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Craftsman Quality
  • 30 years of knowledge
  • We Support Local Non Profits
  • Bio-degradable Products
  • All Work 100% Guaranteed
  • Yelp Reviews!
  • We are Experts in Automotive Paint Repair & Interior Detailing. 

Exterior Detail, 3 Hours Starting at $200

Let us hand wash your cars body using plant based soap, we will gently wash and rinse every curve, from top to bottom-We only use Di-ionized Water to help protect the exterior from hard water damage. Each wheel will be cleaned by hand to look like new. Now we will massage each panel dry by hand using baby diapers and high-pressure air movement, no part will be left untouched. 

The Paint is ready for deep exfoliation using Clay Magic to relieve the paint from all the harsh elements it is exposed to. This will make the paint feel like new and ready for protection. As a way to keep wax off the trim, we use masking tape to cover any exposed trim parts.

Starting with the roof and working from side to side, we hand wax each panel using our proprietary Sealant Wax. Once the wax is ready to be removed, we use microfiber towels, hand rub the entire wax residue off the car, until the paint is ready. Spot free clean windows and wheels.

Up close the Car looks like new, clean and protected,

Interior Detail, 3 Hours Starting at $250

We start the Interior by removing anything that can be removed.

Our German made Vacuum is extremely powerful, quiet at 57 dB; 3 Stage Motor, it will keep working as the motor builds pressure as it is used. This gives us a huge advantage over any other detail service.

The process of vacuuming is to clean deep into the fiber, not just pass over the surface, deep cleaning will remove any dust or other particles that can make the car smell old or used, it also preps the interior for our Hot 200 F, Steam Cleaning Hot Water Extractor. With 150-PSI Air Pressure we can blow out any sand, dirt, food, anything that can and will be trapped inside your car. Once all the loose dirt is vacuumed, we are now ready to start cleaning, we only use cotton baby diapers and a tooth brush made for detailing, our products are all natural plant based with no smell or residue.

We hand scrub every panel, knob, gauge, seat, carpet, floor mats, until clean, carpets are steam cleaned, and dry to the touch when we are finished. The leather is always conditioned with PH Balanced Lexol, this will Condition the leather without oils, like petroleum.  

This work is all labor intensive with the right tools and cleaning methods, being able to contort your body to fit into small places while scrubbing vigorously with one hand and wiping dry with the other hand.

The goal when cleaning the Interior is to remove all dirt, and smells, when finished the car should look and smell clean.

A full detail includes both these services; your car must be very clean, well maintained to qualify for a Combined Full Detail Discount.




            Full Detail  “4 Hours”                                                                                                $300 & up       

  • Hand Wash with De-ionized Water
  • Degrease Rims & Tires, removing Brake Dust and Road Film
  • Extensively Clean Vents, Dashboard, Center Console & Door Panels
  • Clean & Condition leather with lexol
  • Vacuum & Shampoo Upholstery, Carpets & Mats using a Hot Water Extractor
  • Use Clay to Safely Remove Fallout
  • Compound, Polish, and wax Paint                       



Interior Detail  “3 Hours”                                                                                          $250 & up     

  • Extensively Clean Vents, Dashboard, Center Console, Door Panels & Door Jambs
  • Vacuum & Shampoo Carpets, Upholstery & Mats using a Hot Water Extractor
  • Clean & Condition leather with lexol       



Exterior Detail “3 Hours”                                                                                          $250 & up       

  • Degrease Rims & Tires, removing Brake Dust & Road Film
  • Use Clay to Safely remove Fallout
  • Compound, Polish & Wax Paint               



Basic Detail       2 Hours                                                                                               $200 & up    

  • Hand Wash with De-ionized Water
  • Degrease Rims & Tires, removing Brake Dust and Road Film
  • Wipe dashboard, Center Console & Door Panels
  • Clean & Condition leather with lexol
  • Vacuum & Shampoo Mats using a Hot Water Extractor
  • Hand Wax Paint 

Extra Charges for excessive use of Vehicle, Estimate will be given at time of service.
These prices are based on a Vehicle that is well maintained.


                                                              Free pick up and drop off in Venice.

CALL 310-664-9299
EMAIL detailmycar@mac.com


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